10 Baby Names Inspired By Stones

There are thousands of things and places that can inspire a baby’s name. And if you and your partner are having a difficult time choosing a name, then you might want to look at baby names inspired by stones. There are thousands of different stones that can make a perfect baby name for a little one.

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These names are so wonderful that you do not even need to be a big fan of stones and rocks to appreciate them. So keep reading to discover 10 baby names inspired by stones that would be perfect for any little boy or girl.

10 Amethyst

Amethyst is a beautiful name for a daughter that is inspired by stones. Amethyst is a deep purple stone that many people love to have in their stone collection due to its breathtaking nature.

The name Amethyst is great for a little girl since it is feminine and uncommon, making it perfect for a couple that is looking for a name that is not going to be overused by other parents. So make sure you add the name Amethyst to your list of possible names for your daughter.

9 Jet

A charming name that is inspired by stones for a little boy is the name Jet. Even though Jet is a cold black stone, don’t let that stop you from giving your son that name. Jet is a wonderful name inspired by stones, since many people will not think that is where you got the inspiration for the name.

Jet is a common enough name where people have heard it before, but not too popular where there will be other kids names Jet in your son’s class. Give your son a name that everyone will love and give him the name Jet.

8 Mica

If you and your partner are looking for an uncommon name that is inspired by stones then you need to consider the name Mica. Mica is a unique stone since it can come in different colors like grey, purple, green, white, or gold, making it a popular stone to have multiples of in a collection.

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Just like how the stone can come in different colors, we know the name Mica will inspire your little one to live her own colorful life. Pick a one of a kind name for your daughter and give her the name Mica.

7 Flint

Flint is a very powerful name for any boy. The name Flint is a wonderful name for a boy since it will suit them at stage of their life whether they are a little boy or an adult in their career.

Flint is most commonly used to start fires, making it the perfect name to give your son to remind the fire he has for his different passions. 

6 Pearl

A very sought after stone that would make a perfect name for any daughter is the name Pearl. Pearls are known for being lavish and are a jewelry fan favorite found in pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

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Giving your daughter the name Pearl can be a memento for her to remember her worth, and a reminder not to settle for anything below what she deserves. This can lead her to live an amazing life full of confidence and beauty. When you and your partner are talking about baby names make sure to bring up the name Pearl.

5 Onyx

Onyx is a very strong name for any little boy. The name Onyx is very masculine and just sounds rough. According to Healing Crystals, onyx is known for reminding people about their physical and emotional strength. Any man who is physically and emotionally strong is less likely to give in to other people’s beliefs and opinions.

Giving your son the name Onyx can encourage them to live their life how they want to and not to listen to what others want his life to be. Give your son a name of strength and give him the name Onyx.

4 Jade

A fantastic name for a girl that is inspired by stones is the name Jade. Jade is a beautiful green stone that people love to have in their collection, or have made into jewelry. Jade is an excellent name for a baby girl since it is a common name that people know.

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Jade is a great choice for any couple that wants a name inspired by stone that others will not think twice about. Choose a common name that people won’t assume is inspired by stones with the name Jade.

3 Emerald

If you are looking for a gender-neutral name that is inspired by stones then you need to consider the name Emerald for your little one. The name Emerald is terrific for either a boy or girl, since it is not too feminine or masculine.

Many people like giving their baby a gender-neutral name since it doesn’t put societal pressures a typical gender name has. Go for a gender-neutral name and give your baby the name Emerald.

2 Amber

Amber is a delightful name for a daughter. Amber is a stone that is known for its yellow and orange color. Amber is a beautiful stone to look at since it’s filled with bright colors. Giving your little one the name Amber can inspire her to live a colorful life just like the stone.

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Additionally, the name Amber is great for those who want to pick out a name that sounds like it has a bit of spunk to it. So make sure to consider the name Amber for your daughter.

1 Jasper

A common stone that can inspire a lovely name is Jasper. Jasper is known for being a stone that comes in many different colors and is known for being a starting rock to collections. Even though Jasper is a common stone, it is not an overly used name.

But the name Jasper is a classic that has been used in multiple different generations. This can be a perfect name for any couple that is looking for a name that has been used by parents for years.

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