Exclusive And Exciting Jewelry Gifts For Her

Neha Melora

What comes in your mind when you think about a gift for women close to your heart? Most probably the first thing that comes to our mind will be jewelry. It’s important to start your search and select a gift that can make an emotional bonding between the giver and receiver. Your shopping becomes easy if you keep the recipient’s lifestyle and jewelry preferences in mind like gold, silver, etc.  Always gift something that will be appreciated even after a decade by making a thoughtful choice. Categorize the jewelry according to events, so that the gift search will be easier. 

For Daily Use

A simple and plain piece of jewelry that can be used every day will be the perfect gift for an easy-going person who lives and let live others. It is also better to gift such people with a piece of jewelry that doesn’t require much care and maintenance. You can choose something like a simple anklet, a bracelet, a silver ring, a necklace, or a pendant for girls. The gift should be something that can be worn without worrying about any damage to the jewelry due to sweat or water.

Special Events

A special occasion can be made more special with an elaborate piece of jewelry. This type of jewelry is meant for those who are desirous about jewels. You will find a wide range of selection for such people.  For special occasions, a spouse or a boyfriend will never make a wrong choice in heart-shaped jewelry. For an occasion like birthday, or anniversary, a jewel with her birthstone or of both partners will be a great idea.

For all Occasions

Any kind of accessories in pearl will be a great choice to dress up easily with a pair of jeans and top for daytime events and at the same time can be paired well with a black dress for an evening party. If you are looking for something for a teenager, matching jewelry purchased for mother and daughter will make the bonding stronger. Also, jewelry inherited from grandparents and great grandparents creates a connection that was never there before.

Yet another option for a teenager is her name or initials engraved in a pendant that makes it very special. Also, 18 karat gold earrings for girls are truly a very valuable gift as they grow up. A charming bracelet will help them grow their interest in jewelry.

If you are worried about maintenance, a stackable bracelet with fabric or leather cord is an apt choice. Introduce them to fine accessories by gifting them a silver heart ring that is appealing always. For girl babies, solid bangles will be a good choice. Some enjoy gifting charming and tiny earrings that can be worn by mothers and later passed on to the child when they reach an appropriate age to handle them well. 

Apart from jewelry, many more items serve the purpose of gifting women. You have a wide range of options like a rugged watch that can be worn while gardening and at the gym, a precious metal watch for the workplace and a graceful diamond watch for party wear.

An elegant photo frame can also be a meaningful gift for her. If gifted by the spouse, a beautiful picture from their honeymoon trip, if gifted by children and siblings, a memorable childhood photo can be an incredible piece of gift that can be cherished a lifetime.

Apart from this, a jewel box is something overlooked every time. A simple yet beautiful antique wooden box will help her organize all kinds of jewelry and act as a focal point in your room adding the perfect décor to the ambiance. Buy a thoughtful perfect gift that is affordable to you and make your special someone feel even more special and happy.



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