Passionate kiss and shocking revelations: highlights of the fourth broadcast of “the Bachelor-10”

Страстный поцелуй и шокирующие признания: яркие моменты четвертого эфира «Холостяка-10»

On the STB channel, was released the fourth issue of the tenth season of the romantic reality “the Bachelor.” Feelings and emotions between the participants and the main character are running high. This time Max Mikhaylyuk asked the girls to Thailand.

– My first love was in Odessa when I was 18 years — recalled Max. — It was the real thing. Then I flew to Canada, but the plans were serious, and wanted to bring her to marry. But, when I’ve already got a stable job, she said she can no longer wait for me. We broke up. But I remember what love is a great feeling I want to experience again.

Girls in Thailand are settled in a luxury Villa. First received the invitation to individual date Christine.

– I want a romantic date, hugging, holding hands, said the girl.

– It’s my first date in Thailand, — said Max, coming for Christina on the car.

– I think Christine likes the Bachelor, — said Dasha, when she went on a date.

Before the romantic evening that was planned by the Bachelor of his companion, he decides to make her a special gift. Together Kristina and Max went to the jewelry factory. Among the abundance of jewelry, the couple chose the one that approached the participant the most.

– I don’t care for diamonds and emeralds, — said Cristina. — We lived very modestly.

Max bought Christina a pearl necklace and bracelet.

– I’ve never had such expensive gifts, — the girl admitted.

However, before you purchase a piece of jewelry, the pair had to answer personal questions about each other. Because of this, they were able to get a discount on chosen decoration and understand how similar their values and interests.

– We learned a lot about each other, — was pleased with Christine. — I am in awe of the gift. It was like a fairy tale.

Villa gathered girls discussing who has more chances to remain on the project. At this time, brought the invitation from max on a group date to a completely different character and temperament of the participants: Alina, Julia and Oli.

The occasion was special — a friend’s birthday Bachelor.

– It seems to me that on this date a rose will not get Olga, — said Dasha.

– And I to meet with max completely ready, — said Julia. — I have my girl stuff.

Date of max and Christine continued with a romantic dinner.

– You loved once? — asked Kristina.

– Yes, — admitted Max. — I have warm memories of those moments.

– You are lucky! said the girl, and suddenly asked if lying was a Bachelor.

– No, I’m absolutely disgusted, ‘said Max. — And I don’t want the girl lied to me. I had a similar relationship. And you did?

– For me it’s an unpleasant subject, ‘replied Kristina. — Our relationship lasted five years and then betrayed me. And married another. But I forgave him, no anger and resentment.

– I think you’re a real, recognized Max, giving a rose to a girl.

After dinner, the couple decided to swim in the pool. Christine hadn’t brought a swimsuit and had to stay in underwear.

– You’re very beautiful, ‘said Max, dragging the girl to the pool and hot kissing her.

Страстный поцелуй и шокирующие признания: яркие моменты четвертого эфира «Холостяка-10»Max and Christina

– I wanted, and we did not hold each other, couldn’t Max.

Girls upset when Kristina got back to the Villa Rosa, immediately noticing her new jewelry.

– The kiss was? — strictly asked them.

– No, — mysteriously said Christine. — Was much more…

– I wouldn’t even want to know the truth, — said Natasha.

Olya, Yulia and Alina went on a triple date.

– My friend is a native Thai, — said Max girls on the way to the birthday boy.

It turned out that the birthday — baby elephant, who turned three years old.

Learned that the elephant girls confused. Max gave the birthday boy a huge blue ball.

– There is nothing romantic in this date was not! — outraged Julia. — Especially when we had to clean up after the elephant!

Max and the girls wore rubber boots and took up the rake.

– I was very angry, recalled Julia. — But Aline liked everything!

Страстный поцелуй и шокирующие признания: яркие моменты четвертого эфира «Холостяка-10»Alina, Julia and Olga

– I think elephant is left birthday more happy than we are, — said Olya.

Max proposed to continue the evening in the restaurant. The first conversation was a Bachelor, invited Olga.

– You were a little suspended, — said Max. — I even was worried.

Olga openly talked about the nicknames that got all the girls on the project.

— They call me “Deputy”,— said Olga. — Due to the fact that I worked in the Verkhovna Rada.

Max decided that Olga was with him not very explicit, affirming that she liked the date.

– For me it was very unexpected that we’re going to a birthday party for a friend and it turns out to be an elephant! — admitted “FACTS” Olya. — It should be noted that the elephant was just wonderful. Small, incredibly friendly and affectionate. I think we gave him true happiness. As for Dating, then I got high. However, kapanol would be more, if max is only two. But, despite the presence of two other girls, I was glad that I have the opportunity to once again talk with max. I hope my date, which I expect will be much hotter!

But Alina was really excited about the day with the Bachelor. In conversation with max, the girl remembered the time when four months worked as a cleaner at the hotel in America.

– I also found it difficult to start from scratch, but I’m glad my life had such an opportunity, supported its Max.

– I want to know him more, — Alina admitted.

Third on the conversation with the Bachelor went to Julia.

– Promise that no more will we clean up after the elephants, asked Julia max. — But I have to talk with you — and this is very important.

Julia gave max a toy hamster.

– I wanted to get rose to be quiet, — admitted after talking to Julia.

But Max did not give rose any of them.

– I need time to think, — admitted Max.

Girls at the Villa were discussing past triple date.

– I would not want to go, — said Dasha.

– Here I had the perfect date — happy Christina.

Страстный поцелуй и шокирующие признания: яркие моменты четвертого эфира «Холостяка-10»Natasha, Olya, Christina and Anna

The bachelor came into the house to the girls, inviting all participants to commit one of the traditional Thai ceremonies — the attainment of freedom. To get free, Thais burn things, they associate with negative thoughts and memories, thus finding ease.

– The idea of a ritual — getting rid of negative emotions associated with our past, explained Max. — I believe that people should be free in their actions and desires. His past should not restrict this freedom and somehow they manage.

Max told a story about a quarrel with his girlfriend, which reminds him a white t-shirt. Burning it, he was parting with the memories.

Each of the girls took the thing that I would like to leave forever. They brought something of their former relationship. Girl burned shirt, earrings and diaries.

– There is one story I haven’t told anyone, ‘said Christine. — I would sincerely wanted to say goodbye, but it is very difficult to make this decision. I burned the belt — a symbol of domestic violence. Teenage beat me and my sister and my mom.

The girl burst into tears and max immediately went to Christine, calming her.

Anya burned the t-shirt, which reminded her of the guy who beat her.

Anastasia cried, throwing out the old SIM card.

– I said goodbye to the past — admitted to the Bachelor Nastya. — My love ended tragically — the guy hung himself in my eyes. It was during our fight. Four years I can’t survive this story. But I do not like to be pitied. However, after the ceremony I felt better.

Max asked another ritual — each girl could choose a ribbon with the inscription, which symbolizes the quality that I would like to have. A Bachelor himself chose “wisdom.”

– I was wondering how the girls are ready to talk about their faults, ‘said Max.

– It is difficult for us to recognize that something is missing, — said Cristina.

Olga chose a “feminine”, Alina “kindness”, Anja — “modesty” Natasha — “honesty”, Anastasia — “thrift”, Dana — “restraint”.

The evening ended with a rite of purification — the girls poured a bucket of cold water. After that, the Bachelor announced the beginning of the Ceremony of the roses.

– It was a little scary, confessed before the release is Given.

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Each of the participants appeared before the Bachelor in traditional Thai outfit.

Before the ceremony, Max was invited to a conversation Vika — girl the only one he still had virtually no contact.

Vick openly talked about their past relationships.

– The man betrayed me, — admitted Vick. — It turned out that he has a wife and child. And I didn’t want to ruin the family draw!

– Disappointment is bad, ‘said Max. — But it is still worth to surrender to the feeling.

The bachelor was pleased with the communication and gave a rose to a girl.

A conversation with Natasha began with a gift — she brought max’s dessert of tiramisu, which she cooked.

– It is very tasty, the Bachelor enjoyed eating the sweetness. — Was wondering why last week you gave yourself for “loyalty” seven?

– I’m just not ready to build relations until you feel love, replied Natasha, break the heart of one of this max.

She had not received a rose. Like Julia, who from the first day on the project is not doubted will reach the finals.

– I love that you are largely to meet me, ‘said Max, turning to Julia. — But life consists not only of good moments. Not sure that you’re always here for me. I saw you reliability as a partner. I let you go.

– I think we’re just different, said Julia, leaving the project.

The bachelor didn’t give a rose to Natasha, but invited her on a triple date along with Dana and Dasha.

– I didn’t give a rose, but gave another chance — Natasha is interesting to me, — admitted to the Bachelor.

In an exclusive interview with “FACTS” contestant Dasha said, what struck Bachelor, which makes her jealous and confessed her feelings to max. And the participant Natasha admitted that she had to sit out for a day in to the police.

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